Fall Book Review: “Versions of the Self,” by Christy Birmingham


There will be two displays of Christy

Birmingham’s book, trying to

show how her thoughtful

reflections may turn

inside out or reverse,

as well as coming to a place

of inner peace and growth

in self understanding.

I found myself reading to

enjoy each individual poem,

listening to Christy’s views on

many diverse subjects. It wasn’t

until halfway through, I closed her

book. I decided this book is written

by a woman who has a B.A. in

Psychology, so I should consider her

personal poems also ways to shine

into each of our own life stories.

If I write or mention a verse,

I have used parentheses around

each of the poems’ titles.

There are friendship, love, fear,

hope and self-esteem poems:

Ones which will touch or reach

into your own lives.

I like Christy Birmingham

in her own descriptive

back cover summary:

“Imagine the world, at its base level,

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