Time For That “Change” Yet?

In Saner Thought

For decades we the people of this country have been drying for some political change…..and for decades we have had NO substantive change….some minor reform here and there….but change is still waiting top appear.

The GOP has chosen their course for the foreseeable future…..they are tying themselves to the coattails of Trump.  They see so much wrong with the way he is governing but they refuse to speak up…..that is unless they have decided not to run for re-election….then they are all mouth.

The Liberals are the ones that cannot seem to find a course and stick to it…..the party lost its soul when it tied itself to Clinton in the 90’s….his so-called “center-Left” politics….the people found that his policies were more conserv than liberal….but it was sold to the public as “progressive”.

Some have seen the damage that Clinton did to society….maybe not the economy and his Wall Street…

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