Conversations On Race (Updated)


I’ve noticed a few things when there are conversations concerning racism when people of different racial backgrounds share their views. I’ll try to list and describe them all. If you want to add a point or two, please do so:

“Racism is dead.” I know it’s more than obvious especially from the point of view of people of color (POC) who are aware of this sad fact. However, there are some people who are still naive, and some who avoid the subject at all cost. People still believe that since we have a black President then we live in a post-racial/colorblind society. BULLSHIT! Racism has become more open since Barack Obama took office. Anyone who disagrees must have something wrong with their brains.

“I’m not a racist because I have black (or other PoC) friends, I am dating a black (or other PoC) person, or I have a relative who is…

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