Dumbfuckery: White People Victims of Racism.

It’s been my experience that caucasians who claim racism are exactly like a hooker/street walker who claims rape after her john refuses to pay her, more, than the agreed upon price. Except I have 5000% more respect for the hooker/street walker than I do for any dumbass caucasian who claims racism. As Malcolm X said, “They call YOU racists for resisting THEIR racism.” Not possible for an oppressor to claim he/she is oppressed.


This is a question for Gentlemen’s Foundry.

This is not a question to humiliate you. I’m keeping it civil and I hope and expect you to do the same. As you know, a lot of white people believe that discrimination and racism against them is real and is on par with racism against blacks, and it’s obvious that you agree.

I believe you said you’ve experienced racism yourself and that you believe that all people, including whites, experience racism. And I’m very familiar with you calling me a racist and obsessively wanted me to explain what ‘whiteness’ means despite me answering your question and rejecting it. So, I expect straight and honest answers to why you feel that white people, including yourself are also victims of racism.

Everyone in this thread must keep it classy, especially you Gentlemen.

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