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      • Hi JB! I’m doing very well for the old little poet I’ve become! Happy, especially in this holiday season. This is the Mrs. favorite season! Lots of parties and events in this “Senior Development – Sun City Texas, near Austin. Part of what makes the season fun.

        Truth is I have a little bit of Christmas everyday when I find that you have reblogged some of my works! And then it feels like Thanksgiving, the holiday I like the best! So, Thank you My Dear Friend for bring the holidays season to me each day! For as many reblogs of writers that you do I was/am really surprised you don’t get thank you’s and praise all the time??? No manners these days!

        So, enough about me! How are you doing! How is life in Italy? With as much as I see you do on WP I’m surprised you find enough hours in the day to do much of anything but get two or three hours of sleep a day. Well, besides WP what do you do that brings you bliss??

        Any big holiday plans or travels?? Wife loves to cruise so we have a couple planned. She loves the water?? I’ve come to love the fact that if it isn’t on the ship – it doesn’t exist!

        Have a great Sunday!!


      • Bloggers can be kind, thoughtful, greedy, selfish and self centered. Thank you’s are far and few in between, except from a handful of core bloggers who are kind, thoughtful and were taught manners. Luckily I don’t do what I do for the thank you’s. Sometimes WORSTPRESS ignored their duty to notify those I reblog, press this or share their work. My theory is WORSTPRESS does this quite a lot. Most all my comments on other blogs goes straight to their spam folder so that means very rarely do I comment on a blog post. But such is life, it may not be a bloggers fault he/she dopes not say thank you.

        I blog a lot but up until 2 days ago, my connection speed and my work speed were top notch so blogging as much as I do was not an issue. 2 days ago I started having slow speed with respect to uploading/downloading and especially in WORSTPRESS activities. So around the 1st of the year I will dive into correcting that issue. I am on a somewhat vacation from blogging, cut my online activities in half until after the new year. I have zero patience for slow connections.

        Bliss comes from doing what I love, which is a plethora of things, a list too long to list but it is varied as much as I can handle. This season is a good time of year, friends, family and festive times are what makes the holiday season fun. Enjoy yours Mr. Chuck. I was born on the water so water draws me, I bought a 65 foot sail boat 3 years ago, one reason I moved back home to Sicily, and yes, it is equipped with the best wi-fi money could buy, gotta stay connected right. I escape from family onto Margaret when I get enough of holidays with family.

        My best to your better half and you Chuck, be well and stay safe. The honor is always mine to share your words and your talent. Remember. Happy Holidays.

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