God Ain’t Listening

Yes. I’m saying what humans are too blind to see, say or think. God does not exist, never did exist. Religion was created by MAN to control and manipulate humans. Well, lets not forget religion was also created for the BILLIONS in greedy profits it makes for those in the religion “business.” And believe me, religion is indeed a business.

YES. This is a rant, and as is the case of any rant, I’m going off, with logic, critical thinking and common sense. I will save you the trouble and time of convincing me your god is real. YOU have as much chance convincing me a mythical character created by greedy humans exist, as I have of convincing you jesus freaks, it’s all an elaborate scam.

The concept of one man, a caucasian male who was born in the middle east but has white skin, long caucasian hair and blue eyes, is the first clue this jesus is the true son of god IS A LIE created by racists caucasian men. Whom born in the middle east before there was interracial sex, would have blue eyes, milky white skin and long stringy fine hair. Thats not a question but a statement of logical fact.

My real issue with religion and the ploy that god exist is pretty simple. Why would a god, who sits on high and looks down low, allow his own creations to kill, maim, murder, harm, abuse, execute and destroy it’s own kind, and he/she/it, does absofuckinlutely jack shit to stop said carnage. Free will….give me a fuckin break.  Slavery. Genocide. Disease. Evil Men. Evil Women. Racism. Greed. Larceny. Oppression. Famine. Starvation. Natural Disasters. Man Made Destruction. WAR. Elderly Abuse. Child Abuse. Domestic Violence. Mental Abuse. KKKops Executing UNARMED Civilians.

There is no evidence any so called god would allow innocent humans to suffer these horrendous daily experiences. There is not a shred of humanity left on planet earth. Need proof of this statement……

What god in his/her/it’s right mind even create such a pile of feces but then allow said pile of shit to be the commander in chief of 300 million humans. Cancer. HIV. Modern Day Plagues. Drugs. GUNS. Explain to me how any god who exist allows these thing to constantly take human life.

I comprehend you do not have any logical, common sense or critical thinking answers for me, I get that you are running your life on “faith.'” I see that crystal clearly. As I stated way up there, I have no interest in changing your mind, I do have an interests in why you have faith in shit created by other humans to govern your “afterlife.” How can humans ready you for the transition from this life to the next, when humans have fucked up this life, here on this planet, beyond all help and saving.

To have faith one must believe. To believe one must trust. Trust is earned, not given freely because your parents believe, because your spouse believes…. because that TV preacher tells you to send him/her/it cash to receive your blessing. 

There is much beauty in this world but be real with yourself, the beauty dissipates at a scary pace daily. Remember the days of the good humor ice cream truck rolling down neighborhood streets. Innocence, safety in out homes, confidence in authority. G.O.N.E.  Can no longer watch a TV show, a film, read a book or see a play without SOMEBODY connected to those forms of entertainment being guilty of sexual abuse or assault with a penis.

The world is fucked and god is silent. He ain’t listening. He’s not paying attention. He’s not there. He does not exist. BUTT you continue with your faith. Keep bending your knees to pray and I’ll stay on my knees in protest of whats wrong with this planet.

I’ll light a candle for your faith.

I don’t think less of you because you believe and have faith. I think we as humans are all on our own to make decisions and still be loved and respected. After all, What Would Jesus Do.


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  1. You have my vote. My rant: There is only one life not two! To believe that humans are different from all other life forms and do not really die is delusional.


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