The Dancing Master – Tallis Steelyard

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16th centuryReblogged from Tallis Steelyard:

People do make a habit of surprising you. They cheerfully climb out of the neat little boxes you put them in and persist in doing things you’d never expect.

Take, for example, the great mercenary captain, Pardo Fuen. His name was used in Partaan by mothers to silence querulous children. His sacking of Maladan Keep will live long in the annals of martial endeavour. From the arrival of his advance guard outside the walls, to his men commencing to loot the keep as the body of its previous owner and notorious accumulator of bad debts swung from his own gallows, was a mere three hours.

Yet the great love of Pardo’s life was dancing. Not merely the dances in arms that many of our warriors do to maintain their fitness and skills, but every sort of dance. The man who could vault onto the back of…

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