Do You

The Rooster Times

Do you
believe in the power of thought
what your mind sees, turned
into reality?

Do you believe you can change
what life throws at you, no matter what
no matter how much, at the wrong times
affecting what you see, do, hear

The power of thought
one powerful possibility
changing how I started to write this piece
changing as I write,

What is the end result
what will my words tell you, even as I
write them, my mind considering
the possibilities, the syntax
what you want to read, what your own thoughts
are telling you right now,

Do you want to change the world
what about your thoughts, your day?
how about changing one small thing
one step at at time, one word, then one
sentence, then on short blog with 5, no

6 short paragraphs.
If, then. The results are yours to see, to experience
go out…

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