Kashmir Under 69 Years Of Indian Oppression

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I admit, I was ignorant about the oppression happening right this second in Kashmir, Pakistan, if not for a friend on Twitter


Kashmir has been under 69 Years of Indian occupation. It has turned into a burning inferno, where 95.000 people have been killed since 1989.

Thousands of mass-graves have been found and more than 10.000 people are reported as missing without a trace. Many thousands of women have been raped and crackdowns where people are snatched off the streets or in their homes, is a commonly used tactic by the occupation army.

As Israel uses rubber coated bullets, the Indian army are using pellet guns against protesters and others unfortunate enough to be in the target line. The brutality is shocking. Recently a 13 year old girl, Ifra, was pulled by her hair and guns aimed at her as Ifra was shot straight in the face. She is most likely blinded. 550 (some reports say as many as 1150) more young Kashmiris suffer the same destiny.


The landscape of Kashmir is beautiful like a fairy tale haven, but the whole area is highly militarized, with one military person per 7 Kashmiris. The occupation is digging under the skin of people and a 156 day long curfew is crippling the society to the brink of despair. Communication possibilities are cut, which leaves many crimes unreported. Just like Israel, India is also using administrative detention, which means detaining people without proper trial or verdict and without any knowledge of when they will again be ‘free.’

3f9ceb358b87ec5a5ecae939178096ef-620x387x1Because free is of course a mirage under these conditions, a longing buried under 69 Years of occupation and hidden beneath the world’s silence. This silence needs to be challenged, and the voices calling for Freedom and Justice, by a people having lived under oppression for decades, needs to be heard and amplified.


Please Join us in a Roar for Justice 13th December 20.00 GMT! Pastebin and hashtag right on time!

ROAR FOR JUSTICE: How to do The Roar for Justice in Kashmir: – Tweet with us, help us to highlight Kashmir – Time for Action: 13 December 20.00 – 21.00 GMT – Add this hashtag to ALL your tweets: Hashtag released at the start 20.00

If You can join just a moment concentrate on the FIRST half – What we aim at is to trend on twitter. A trend won’t free Kashmir, but it is a thing that international media look at and eventually bring to their headlines if we are consistent enough. It is also a perfect occasion to amplify the voices of Kashmir and lift their messages further.


Some tips to make us trend: 1. Wait until the Twitter Storm starts, and tweet the EXACT hashtag (use copy/paste to avoid mistakes).


2. Make ORIGINAL tweets with it – retweets are NOT counted for trending by Twitter.

3. What you tweet doesn’t matter for trending. Add the hashtag to every tweet, even if u are responding to someone else to keep the hashtag going.

4. Use ONLY ONE hashtag per tweet, or it doesn’t count towards trending. A tweet with 5 times the hashtag is useless, and so is a tweet with any other hashtag added.

5. Send as many tweets in as short a time as possible. Use the pastebin with ready made Tweets or write short messages with the hashtag, for speeding up the tweeting process.

6. Be ON TIME! We need that massive explosion of tweets with that hashtag at the SAME time!

7. If the hashtag hasn’t trended after an hour, you can still keep sending tweets about the subject, but it becomes highly unlikely that it will still be able to cause a trend. But we also need the information to be spread so all efforts are valuable. A tips is to address media and politicians in the most informative tweets after the event is over to further highlight the Kashmir Issue.

8. A great way to highlight the issue is to quote Kashmiri tweeps and add the hashtag we are using. They are many and they have a sea of experience and information that needs to be told. And their voices are the ones we and the world should listen to.

9. Thank You for participating and for telling all your friends!

I appreciate all the help you can give to make this Twitter Storm a success.

 Kashmiri Women protest against the arrest of three Civilians by Special Operation Group SOG at Batmaloo in Srinagar1

Kashmiri Women protest against the arrest of three Civilians by Special Operation Group SOG at Batmaloo in Srinagar1

Rape of Muslim women in Kashmir by Indian Army

It is gut wrenching to see these handsome people being humiliated by some Ram Laal from UP or Tamil Nadu, this lady may God give her peace has the typical Kashmiri look. Whilst the occupiers look is epitomised by ugly gremlin Major Gaurav Arya who looks like Sheikh Hasina lost love child.

If Pakistan was not created, not only would a beautiful race of people not exist but the indians would be doing FAR FAR worst things to us than the above and what the Israelis do to the Palestinians. No matter what anyone says, always thank ALLAH swt for Pakistan and that our fate is not the same as the Kashmiri’s, Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrianis and Libyans.


I don’t think there is anyone in this world who would like to be born an Indian. The world thinks you are rapists and the region think you blind children and rape their mothers.

At the very least western colonizers brought civilization along with their brutality but India is just barbaric savages.


You live in selective ignorance. The internet is full of what has happened to the women in Kashmir. Idiots like will bring up comparisons. I don’t give a shit who is your ex president, women have been raped and children abducted and killed for over 60 years. Those children were never to be seen again, most likely raped and killed.Just remember that is your legacy, that is what you stand for. Sick and perverted and savage. Pakistanis will never forget and justice will be served.


Go bury your head in the sand and do pooja to your stone and forget it ever happened. I think deep down you are thankful the women were raped and you think they deserved it.

You can fool the world but Pakistanis see through your bullshit and know exactly how black your soul is.


Human rights abuses in the Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir state are an ongoing issue. The abuses range from mass killings, enforced disappearances, torture, rape and sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of freedom of speech. The Indian Army, central reserve police force, border security personnel and various separatist militant groups have been accused and held accountable for committing severe human rights abuses against Kashmiri civilians. Revised figures from Indian sources state the number of civilians killed due to the Kashmiri insurgency has been estimated to range from 16,725  to 47,000 civilians while 3,642 civilians were killed by security forces . 


India accuses the Pakistan Army for abusing human rights in Jammu and Kashmir by violating ceasefire and keep on killing Kashmiri civilians, a claim which is totally rejected by Pakistan who blames Indian army for the violation of LoC. Diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks revealed that the ICRC had briefed US officials in Delhi in 2005 about the use of torture from 2002–2004 by security forces against hundreds of detainees suspected of being connected to or having information about militants.


Militant violence led by Jammu Kashmir Liberation front has caused ethnic cleansing of several hundred thousands of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits, who before their exodus comprised an estimated 3% of the Kashmir valley‘s population. According to Asia Watch, the militant organisations forced the Hindus residing in the Kashmir valley to flee and become refugees in Delhi and Jammu. There is controversy regarding whether pandits left due to fear of violence or were encouraged by the government to leave in order to undermine the support for militant movements. It is claimed that Kashmiri militants have been assisted and supported by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).


The chief perpetrators were the Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front and the Hizbul Mujahideen. Ethnic cleansing continued till a vast majority of the Kashmiri Pandits were evicted out of the valley after having suffered many acts of violence, including sexual assault on women, arson, torture and extortion of property. Some of the separatist leaders in Kashmir reject these allegations. The Indian government is attempting to reinstate the displaced Pandits in Kashmir. The remnants of Kashmiri Pandits have been living in Jammu, but most of them believe that, until the violence ceases, returning to Kashmir is not an option.


In a 1993 report, Human Rights Watch stated that Indian security forces “assaulted civilians during search operations, tortured and summarily executed detainees in custody and murdered civilians in reprisal attacks”; according to the report, militants had also targeted civilians, but to a lesser extent than security forces. Rape was regularly used as a means to “punish and humiliate” communities. A 2010 US state department report stated that the Indian army in Jammu and Kashmir had carried out extrajudicial killings of civilians and suspected insurgents. The report also described killings and abuse being carried out by insurgents and separatists.


In 2010, statistics presented to the Indian government’s Cabinet Committee on Security showed that for the first time since the 1980s, the number of civilian deaths attributed to the Indian forces was higher than those attributed to terrorist actions. The Indian Army claims that 97% of the reports about the human rights abuse have been found to be “fake or motivated” based on the investigation performed by the Army. However, a report by the US State Department said, ” Indian authorities use Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) to avoid holding its security forces responsible for the deaths of civilians in Jammu and Kashmir.”





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  1. In my view the whole partition of India was a British/US intelligence ploy to weaken India’s extreme nationalist/democratic tendencies and keep them reliant on the US/British banking system and Wall Street. It worked so well that the US/State Department would do it again to weaken Korea and Vietnam. The CIA has been running Pakistani intelligence (and their military) from the get-go.


  2. I watched a documentary on this and couldn’t finish it because it was some of the most horrific crimes against innocent. Some of these men weren’t what I consider human. I don’t know what they were I just grieve horribly for these people living oppressed and violated.


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