Things WORSTPRESS Gets Very Wrong

WordPress, which everyone knows I have renamed WORSTPRESS, with good reason, has been fucking up the blog hosting platform for 2 years. Their dumbass mission/goal is to make their site more attractive to mobile app users. What that means is WORSTPRESS is more concerned with people using tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices, to post blog entries. I have no issues with WORSTPRESS courting those users….BUT NOT AT THE BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THE MANY WHO USE DESKTOP DEVICES TO PUBLISH BLOG POST.

TWO fuckin years of upgrading/improving shit that didn’t need a fuckin upgrade/improving is disgusting, moronic and just plan full of stupidity.

What it means to you and I, who use good old fashioned desk top computers, is this…. slower working conditions. Shit not working as it did before the upgrades/improvements. WORSTPRESS changing things that worked perfectly fine before their dumbfuckery idea to change ’em… to make use easier for mobile device users.

Can you say stupidity…….

My grandfather used to have this saying, and he used to swear he invented this saying….. “IF IT AIN’T MESSED UP, DON’T MESS IT UP.”

In other words, if it works, WORSTPRESS, leave it the fuck alone.

Bop Bop Boop, remember that dumbfuckery? The Press This fuck up. The “happiness engineers” all 3 of ’em. I say it’s 3 of ’em cause it takes 6 months to get a response when you use the available forums to ask a fuckin question…..unless the 3 happiness engineers are off on a fuckin WORSTPRESS retreat….vacation…..then it takes 9 months.

How many of you fellow WORSTPRESS bloggers are sick and muthafuckin tired of WORSTPRESS pestering you to “GO PREMIUM.” WORSTPRESS wants us to go premium to prevent ads/commercials/stupid shit,  from being added to each and every blog post we publish. The genius idea from WORSTPRESS folks is that making us pay to have our blogs ad free is something we would gladly do to keep our blogs free of dumbshit clutter ads.


WORSTPRESS thinks we are stupid. The Press This button was a way to share/reblog a post you liked without having that blog post images forced into your media library, which WORSTPRESS gave us a storage capacity of 3 GB of space. Every time you reblog a post, every image that post contained, was added to your media library. Over a few months you would need to purchase more media storage space, at $30 for 10 GB’s PER YEAR. Press This didn’t add bloggers images to your media library, until WORSTPRESS replaced the old Press This, with this new Press This. NOW using Press This adds the images from a reblog into your media library, eating up storage space, forcing you to either buy more space from WORSTPRESS….or delete old images.

Right now as I write and edit this post on just how fucked up WORSTPRESS is, they are inside the guts of the platform doing something. Shit is slow as hell. Trying to add these images into the body of this post takes 45 seconds per image to load…..this makes me wanna slap the shit outta WORSTPRESS.

One last thing before I go…… WORSTPRESS has been sending my comments into the spam folder for 5 years. Every muthafuckin comment I leave on a bloggers post, on their site, goes straight to spam. I’m not even going to talk about the many times blogs/bloggers I follow have been UNFOLLOWED BY WORSTPRESS….for ME. I subscribe to a blogs site but never receive one single notification via e-mail of new published post. I’ll also skip how badly WORSTPRESS has fucked up the WORSTPRESS Reader.

When I hit the lottery, I’m gonna take my millions and start a blog hosting site caller BETTERPRESS, but don’t hold your breath, you gotta play to win and I don’t play.


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  1. Blogger is probably just as bad. Used to be easy to make a site look good, but now it is ridiculous unless you are a professional who does this day in, day out. Everything looks like it is out of a pick ‘n use catalog, and I have seen nothing like the blog sites I have seen here. I didn’t even know that a blog could have images that move or headers that can change themselves every day. Wow, where have I been?

    While I am at it, I have a short rant about Windows 10 too. If there were anything other than Apple that I could but will never use, believe me, I would. I will go back to Windows 7 the first chance I get. Don’t dare leave your system on at night or you might wake up and get your coffee to sip while seeing your creations on one of your other programs only to discover that Windows removed them all during the night when it decided to upgrade itself and you had put your computer to sleep but not shut it totally off. Do they apologize when you are unable to get the programs back, or do they offer to help you in any way when you are threatening a class action lawsuit because they are hurting your work and creative efforts in the process? Hell no! Instead they send this “we are the Trump of software” sort of notice that in essence lets you know that Microsoft can do what the hell it wants to do. And they know they have us by the short hairies because we have no options. I can just see all those people in their penguin suits marching into their office to see what destruction they can do today. Clearly Google is one of their main targets so that we will have to use Microsoft Edge. No thank you. I do not need more Microsoft up my butt. Next time they try to violate my privacy in the middle of the night when I am sleeping, I am going to get a huge rat trap and set it to put an end to this invasion. Microsoft, you suck Big Time!!!


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