Try “Love” once

Go Dog Go Café

Try something new in the month of Love.

fabrizio-verrecchia-195644.jpgThey say you are hopelessly romantic
nothing can come out of all this waiting
waiting for a glance or a passing touch
They say bare your heart and soul
bare it all
if you want the love to come your way
at all

Love doesn’t come to weak or meek
It doesn’t come to those who don’t seek
It comes to those who are brimming with courage
courage to flaunt the scarred heart
Once they are left behind

Love needs a lot of courage to get hurt
The blush of on your cheeks
can slowly turn into a bleeding heart

You are so lucky to fall in love
once in a while
you get to feel the eternal feeling
simmering you from inside

It makes you feel more alive
than you ever were.
don’t feel left out on that
beautiful chance
Come just try…

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