It’s Boring Being Good!

How I Killed Betty!


Minor confession of the day? I’m a rule-breaker.

In the old days I saw rules as opportunities to do the complete and utter opposite in the most radical form possible. Ive never liked to conform. Ive rather sneered at the sheer dullness of it. I thought I was unconventional and I liked that trait. Why be vanilla, when you can be sparkly strawberry with rainbows?

I’ve never liked being told what to do, but then who does? I’ve always loved parties, wearing something a little too outrageous, or wearing just too little. Having fun, drinking, smoking … generally being a little too full of joie de vivre. All a little too extreme with no moderation …

At prep school I rebelled. Instigating a food fight however was probably not worth ‘The Whacks’ (being beaten by the Headmaster), but certainly gave me some respect and gravitas amongst my peers. I hasten…

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