Thinking of Valentine’s Day💋

foreverdreamingoflove 💋

valentineFirst of all, stores can hardly wait to put the Valentines crap on their shelves.  Many women begin to think during this time that they have “no one who loves them.”   Which brings about a whole host of other reactions such as anxiety, low self-worth,  and depression.  Do you need a partner to give you special things on Valentines Day?   Flowers, candy, cards, diamonds, cars, etc.?  Your answer should be a big fat NO!

This the second blow for people who have no one in their lives to provide such shows of affection after Christmas.   We all deserve to be loved and shown love.  No one is less than because they are currently not with a partner, and remember that not all people with partners have romantic situations behind closed doors.  Don’t wish for someone else’s madness.  I know of one friend who used to get flowers and other…

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