28. Sleep, Fabulous Sleep!

How I Killed Betty!


I think I secretly knew it, but amongst other things, alcohol was wrecking my sleep.

The Pattern:

  • Reaching for the bottle shortly before six o’clock, ok … five o’clock (in the evening, in case you had doubts), but looking rather longingly at it from four.
  • Sinking as much of the vin rouge as possible within 2 hours … may as well have just had it on a drip.
  • One hour of warm, happy, relaxed fuzziness, whilst trying to look sober and make meaningful conversation.
  • One further hour of room spinning and trying desperately to stay awake until nine o’clock and failing. Missing all tv programmes whilst taking up most of the sofa in an attractive snoring/dribbly sort of way.
  • Told to go to bed … Tired and groggy having been woken up, and also irritable.
  • Fitful sleeping, full of vivid often violent dreams, aware of sweating in a semiconscious state…

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