Bleeding Heart …

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I was working on my post for tomorrow morning, waiting for the potatoes I had baking in the oven, when across my screen flashed the news of yet another school shooting, this time in Florida, and at least 17 people confirmed dead.  I literally dropped my mouse, set the computer on the table, and wept.  Since I was a teenager, I have been called a ‘bleeding heart liberal’.  I guess this confirms that indeed, I am exactly that, for my heart bled even as my eyes streamed and my shoulders shook.

I am not going on a rant about the asinine lack of gun control in America, at least not tonight.  But I have another little story to tell you.

Last Saturday night … actually Sunday morning around 2:00 a.m., I was tired and getting ready to head up  to bed when we heard 6 gunshots in rapid succession right…

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