Silliest Reasons I’ve Stopped Reading a Book

Spellbound Librarian

I’m not a person who has an issue with putting down a book I’m not enjoying. If the story line or the dialogue aren’t interesting to me, I’ll stop reading. Luckily, this isn’t very common in my reading experience; probably because I obsessive check reviews.

But, I do sometimes stop reading a book for absurd reasons. I thought it might be fun to share these with you guys! At the moment I can only think of two examples where I’ve stopped reading a book I enjoy, so here they are!


I absolutely  need to finish this book but every time I try I am stopped by the most absurd thing. As many of you may know, the original Dracula has a mustache. Somehow I was unaware of this fact and I was baffled.

It is described as being long and white. I just, I can’t do it. Every time…

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