Grandma’s Dark Lore

Fictionspawn Monsters

Man trapped in the ground.

The old woman was sitting in her chair in front of the vivid flames in the fireplace. A child was sitting by her lap. looking at her with big eyes.

“Tell more, grandma! Tell me more!”

She lent back, touched his head.

“She was the most beautiful creature in the whole of the forest”, she said. “Everyone loved her. The trees and flowers, the birds, the squirrels and elks. So innocent and pure no one could reject her.

A man came walking through the forest. A hunter from a place far, far away looking for new hunting grounds. He got lost in the woods. Darkness fell. He kept walking. It was autumn, and getting cold.

He saw a light in the darkness. He walked closer. It was a window. He peaked inside. A young girl was sitting there. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He stood…

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