Awesome Stories 359

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This week Awesome Stories brings you coral art, social capital, and sharing stories.

Coraliumcoral reef, art, Awesome Stories

French artist Mlle Hipolyte has created a stunning 3D paper sculpture representing a coral reef. The sculpture, called Coralium, highlights the variety of colors, sizes, and shapes of the ocean’s coral in one vibrant piece. It also gives a dramatic sense of the diversity and delicate nature of ocean coral. Currently, the ocean’s coral are in decline due to pollution, CO2, acidification, overfishing and more. If you click through to the article, you will see the stunning level of detail. Enjoy!

Building Social Capital

The true value of our social capital may lie less in what we gain personally and more in what it allows us to build and create in collaboration with others. ~ Juliana Breines

Admittedly, this is a challenging area for me. I enjoy people but have never been great at building strong personal relationships. This…

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