National Women And Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day


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2018 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the loss of my baby brother, Keith, to AIDS-related complications. He was twenty-nine-years-old.  Not a cause for celebration, but a time to recommit to spreading awareness about this disease that does not discriminate. AIDS isn’t the ‘epidemic’ it once was, but any disease whose victims still number in the millions is not something to become complacent over.

HIV/AIDS at its worst didn’t just take lives. Families, friendships, marriages, livelihoods and more were left broken and devastated in its wake. Too many AIDS patients died alienated and alone but for the simple lack of knowledge.

Pledge today to be a part of the solution–to learn and share the FACTS about this killer. Nothing should be taken for granted. Sexually active adults should be having the AIDS-conversation. Parents should be talking to their children–especially their young daughters. The old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is…

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