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“That,” I thought, looking at the author’s photograph, “is a really interesting face.” She wasn’t pretty, nor by any means young. The face was quite ‘lived in’ and had probably never been more than vaguely attractive by any conventional or accepted criteria, yet it was a face that had stories to tell. Her eyes sparkled, even in monochrome. Her mouth had a humorous twist… she looked as if she viewed life from her own particular tangent and found it amusing. I knew that I would enjoy the book. And that got me thinking.

We are not supposed to ‘judge a book by its cover’… though we do, all too often, and probably miss some of the finest content by doing so. We are not supposed to judge people by their faces… but we do, all the time, forming that all-important ‘first impression’ as eye meets…or avoids…eye.

The cover of a…

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