Bootle’s Beetles ~ #poetry #MarchWriting

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

I once told you the tale of the Dingle’s
Whose berries were made into wine

Now I’ll tell you the tale of the Bootle’s
Whose beetles were truly divine

These weren’t any ordinary insects
You had to pay a pretty price just to try

They kept these poor beetles under lock and key
Until one day, when things went awry

A Bootle had left the front door open
And the beetles escaped, in haste

Flew out the opening, into the busy street
Now all there is, is beetle paste

The Bootle’s didn’t know what do
How could they keep making a living?

When all they had left of their bounty
Wouldn’t even last until Thanksgiving

A new marketing idea, then came to them
Let’s make a pate`, how divine

Then wash it down, with a glass or two
Of the good old Dingle’s berry wine

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