Writing Love

Megan Morgan

I’ve decided from time to time on this blog, in addition to sharing, teaching, pulling my hair out, and bemoaning the hardships of writing, I’m also going to talk about the things I love. So, you’ll see me talk about those things I HEART about writing. When you stop by my blog and just want a little inspiration, hit up the I Heart Writing category!

What I HEART ❤ About Writing…

Describing settings and scenery!

This is one of my favorite parts of writing: describing the surroundings my characters find themselves in. It’s a delicate balance. While you need to convey certain details to your reader, you also don’t want to write an entire page of mind-numbing description. Keep it simple, eloquent, short, and still manage to paint a scene–that’s the key. It can be difficult, but figuring it out is part of the process of creating art. Maybe that’s…

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