Art As A Coping Mechanism.

I remember my high school years as happy and easy and fun. Not all teens have that positive experience. I met Ms. Madison about a year ago through her mother. I quickly learned Ms. Madison had extremely gifted talents. I also noticed she was a bit shy and a tiny bit unsure of her talents. I knew immediately she was a person the world should know about.

This blog post is dedicated to exposing Ms. Madison and her gifts, to the planet.

If anyone out here knows of other teens who have talents/gifts in the art world, or just fantastic teens who need a boost, please contact me and give me there info and a post from The Militant Negro™  will be forthcoming.


This piece above, 👆 👆 FTW ,was done by Ms. Maddie’s BFF, Ms. Sam.


Please stop by Ms. Madison’s blog at  Maddie’s World and give her your support.   Thank you.


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  1. I remember my years as a teenager…very rough , very hard . I attempted suicide twice. I learned to cope through writing. Like you young one, I am a survivor. My story isn’t over yet. The artwork is beautiful the music awesome. it’s a great way to express yourself. GREAT way to cope.

    The design Mr militant, very beautiful. You are beautiful. You will make a girl smile today Thank you kindly. 🤗


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