A Challenge: “The Light.”

Ms. Sara over at SARA IN LALALAND  has issued a challenge to writers to come up with a short story. Now I am the farthest thing from a writer as one with not a shred of talent can get, but a challenge is a challenge….. SO………. Here’s the challenge…..


There is a building adjacent to me and when I look out of my window towards it, there is this one window where the light is always switched on. Day or night that light is on. I have pondered for weeks about this, what could be the reason? Are the occupants on holiday? Do they just not frequent that room and so forgot to switch off the light? Did something gruesome happen to them?! I just do not know. I have been meaning to write a short story to create a reason as to why the light is always switched on, but it leads me to writers block.

I thought it would be cool to pass the idea over to you and challenge you to write a short story or even a poem with the prompt being “The Light”.

So if you are feeling up to it and you have a bit of free time to get creative, I would love to see what you come up with. In the meantime I will try to do so too. I am not getting out of it that easily. If you do take on the challenge and post something, please tag me in it so I can give it a read.

Take as long as you need and there are no rules. It can be as long as you want and be the genre of your choosing. It is your telling after all. I look forward to seeing what you come up with and I will try and post mine in the next few days.

Until next time, get creative!


A Challenge: “The Light.”

I’ve been living in this building for centuries, or so it feels like to me. It’s your typical boring “nothing ever happens here” building. Well maybe because I’m a retired Army Ranger Sniper, I crave the action in life that has been missing for the past thirteen months. It does not help matters at all that I’ve been alone for the past eighteen years. No. the career path I choose didn’t make me a loner or alone. Losing my wife and son in a car crash eighteen years ago, did that.

But I digress…..I’ve lived here for at least eighteen years and for the life of me I can not comprehend why that damn light is bugging me.

Allow me to explain……

Seven months ago that apartment across from my building went vacant. Now maybe I noticed because a very sexy attractive redhead lived there for twelve years. For seven or those twelve years she was my soulmate. My “significant other.” One day she just had enough of me not being able to  forget my deceased wife and make a commitment to her, and who would blame her….Not I. So she packed up and moved. Told me it was just too painful to share me with a woman who was deceased.

Seven months ago the lights came on in her old apartment, and have never gone off. Now I’m not talking one light on in one room, I am talking ALL the lights on in ALL the rooms. They never go off. Ever. So, me being bored and pining for her…. made me take an interest in this apartment that holds such history for me, and why the damn lights never go off. It is quickly becoming an obsession.

I have watched this apartment for seven months. Day and night. Night and day. I see not a soul in the apartment from my vantage point. No movement or activity. It is fully furnished, decorated is more like it honestly. Fine leather couch. Tapestry upholstered wing back chairs. Tables and lamps that bare high quality. But no people. With my telescope I can see through the lace and linen curtains, and there is never anyone present. This is a puzzle.

I set up a video recorder to time lapse the window over 5 days. Nothing. I sent a package via delivery service, tracked the package and waited for it to be delivered. Nobody accepted the package over a 3 day attempt to deliver. It came back to me. Unaccepted and un-deliverable. I was crawling the walls.

Having learned several skill sets by way of Uncle Sam, I decided one evening to gain entry. I got my lock set picks out of storage and set out to see for myself, once and for all, what the fuck is going on in this apartment.

I gained entry to the foyer through the front door, walked around a bit to familiarize myself with the space. As I approached the kitchen counter, I noticed a letter sized envelope on the island in the center of the kitchen. I walked over to this envelope with the satisfaction that a mystery was about to end. Then my world changed.

The envelope was addressed to me. The hand writing I recognized immediately. She has returned. 

I opened the envelope and read the letter.

Dearest JB,

I know you figured I was gone forever, and I was until I gave you and I some thought. I love you and have loved you from day one. I need to be your wife and you my husband. I can’t compete with the lost of your wife and son eighteen years ago but I am not ready to walk away from you either. I never gave up this apartment but decided to fool you into thinking I gave it up and moved, on when you couldn’t ask me to marry you.

I decided you needed time to miss me. Time to crave my touch. Time to need my body close to yours. Time to want my kisses all over your skin. Now that you’ve had that time, to ponder, what do you say to me asking you this question.

Would you marry me, JB?


That was nine years ago. Leave a light on has a totally different meaning for me.


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    Wonderful to find and read a short story by Mr. MN.. The Militant Negro… he has responded to a challenge from Sara of https://sarainlalaland.com/2018/04/14/i-challenge-you/…. with a story that has all the elements of a good read.. The Light.. head over and check it out… and whilst you are there click a few share buttons. For so many of us Mr MN does that every day..#recommended


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