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footprints Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is a continuation of the last two #write photo stories.  Part 1Part 2.Part3Part 4 .

We had been racing through the tunnels for what seemed eternity, but I’m sure was only a few minutes.  We had lost the last bit of light within seconds and had been moving by feel.  That feel became deep fear when we felt only open air under our feet.  It was momentary and we only dropped about three feet, but to me it was a warning, there could be a sudden drop at any time.

“Stop,” I said.  “Let’s catch our breath and then move at a sane pace.  I’m not in the mood to hit a well or something.”

“Fine,” Silriend said.  “I’m with you there.  That drop was bigger than me…”

“You don’t seem to know these caves,” I said.

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