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Oh delicate thing,
I thought I could save you,
I held you in my hand,
To make you whole again,
Don’t you understand?
I was wrong,
You delicate thing,
All you needed was a friend,
A little light in your life,
A little support,
A little nourishment,
A little less strife,
I believed I could illuminate the darkness,
Oh delicate thing,
I’m sorry I wasn’t enough,
My rays failed,
But you tried to be tough,
As you wilted in shadow,
And withered in pain,
I failed you,
Time and time again,
Isolated in that bed,
I must have been fucked in the head,
To focus on them instead,
Oh delicate thing,
Please forgive me,
I understand it must have been hard to see,
Swathed in black,
Swallowed and consumed,
I thought you would make it,
I guess I presumed,
They would leave you be,
Allow you to retreat,

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