He did it

Another Girl With Fantasies

Tangled and lost

in the hoop of

his own deranging thoughts

which crippled him from inside

also consisting of

those dark memories

and lonely moments

when no one was there

to tell him

not to give up,

to go on anyways.

Messy mind is

the worst kind

you can’t contemplate

for even a second

what is wrong

and what is right.

He had it,

all those thoughts

about him and about others

which scared him

but then one day

he got on the radar

and was founded by someone.

Luckily, that someone

also went through this roller coaster

called life at one point.

So he came

and discovered that this guy

needs to be separated

from his

coil of jumbled thoughts.

And slowly, with appropriate time

he cut the cord

which was the main reason

of the boy’s attachment

to his muddled up thoughts.

They used to sit at night,

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