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Fictionspawn Monsters

Flamenca in front of Alhambra. Aak fictionspawn

This is the first part of a postcard project I’m doing, to take advantage of the tourism in my home town. The castle you see in the back is the Alhambra, the centre of the ancient Al-Andaluz Arab regimen of Granada. The one I mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago.

I made the design for this one many years ago, reproducing postcards by hand and selling them on the street. I lived in a cave back then. No electricity. No installed water. No internet. I didn’t even own a phone until a friend of mine obligated me by giving me one. No bills. No rent. I didn’t even need money.

I was free.

They were good years, most of them. I had a little dog, the friendliest, most beautiful little dog there was. Then things went wrong.

You see things differently when you live like that…

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