What happens when your illusions are destroyed?

Kristina Gallo - Rebellious rules by Kristina Gallo


If you wish to break someone’s heart, break his illusion. The reality is often cruel and when person lives in the cloud, fall on the ground is very painful. A special sensitive area is love, if you persuade people about their misleads, they will hate you at first sight, but later they will be grateful. Daughters will hate their mothers because they forbid them to date with a wrong guys, or they said the truth into their faces. Teenagers will often talk how they hate parents , but later they will do the same to their children, just to lead him on right life path.

Illusions are bubbles, they don’t last forever, and they will pass with time or something will broke them, after suddenly and unexpected action, with shock effect. What you feel inside when you lost your dream? You will hate person who told you the truth…

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