Poem: Free Verse – “Your Life Time Reflects” #amwriting #poetry #GDGC

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Credit: Cherisse Kenion via Unsplash

You wear your life there’s proof,

Your face reflects grand truths.

Every moment or memory,

Each thought wandered,

Others don’t know, and will never hear.

Your eyes reveal your years,

You can’t camaflouge them with makeup,

Or dark sunglasses.

The life you’ve lived in the sky of your eyes,

Has moments, experiences that made you wise.

You can try to dust over your time,

But somehow it peeks through.

Wisps of smoke reaching out to yesterday’s years.

With tender love, everyday tasks, piercing pain —

Such confusion, tears of laughter,

Memories altered too.

Memories as the ones we all obscure;

Revise inside to self-soothe.


But don’t hide your face,

You’re radiant despite being wane.

Your life is in your visage, exquisite and rare,

You can’t shed a lifetime,

Not with serums or beauty creams.

Not with foundations or concealers that optically blur;

Botox or…

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