WORSTPRESS sends all my blog comments to spam, have done this since 2011. Thats why I do not leave comments on blogs. It’s just another WORSTPRESS fuck up, among many.

Sara in LaLaLand

I hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend.

I have just discovered that I have quite the backlog of “spam” comments, a lot of which are not spam, they are from you. It is not a section I check that often, as I attend to the comments through the notifications section.

So, if there is something that you have written that does not seem to have appeared in the comments or I have not replied to, it is probably there in the spam section. I will try and get through them today. Just know I am not ignoring you.

On the subject of comments, I seem to have upset a couple of people of recent. The way I reply to comments is not conventional. I tend to be around right after posting to reply to quite instant replies and then afterwards I get to them as and when I…

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