Caught amidst a terrific dilemma. It comes and goes. The waves of its deep, dark sea want to engulf me, my whole existence. But still it has spared me. Weak. Fragile. But alive. What does it want?

I wish I was capable enough to understand its sorcery.

The shimmering new fitful hopes ignite some weak faith in life only till the time another of its waves approaches with a bitter smile and a cold heart.

I’ve been through mornings of bitter darkness, when I’ve peeped into nothingness and screamed out silence. I’ve witnessed how daintily this has become a part of my existence.

And to the third parties of this deal, no, whatever you see isn’t the way you think it is. It has different faces and not the stereotyped and over hyped ones are the only ones. There are faces where the devil looks like the angel by all…

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