#JusticeForAsifa 😪😓😔


An 8 year old child is drugged and held captive in a temple for 7 days. Brutally gang-raped to the extent her uterus is damaged. Then strangulated to death and body is thrown in a ditch.

To starve, drug, rape and then murder an 8 year old child. Can’t believe this has happened. Sounds horrifying but imagine her horror when she went through it all.

That the story of a 8 year old’s planned gang rape, torture, and murder, does not shock one out of silent stupor, to express grief, rage, or just the need for justice – shocks me.

And, it troubles me. Do we want to be a society where people are ok with this?

And, frankly, I don’t care if her parents were patriotic.
or were separatists.
or ate human beings alive.
or *insert crime of your choice*

She was a 8 year old.
and, they plotted…

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