Simple Self-Care Tips For a Healthy Body & Mind


Self-care is all about adding healthy habits into your daily routine, it’s far more than pampering yourself for self-indulgent reasons. It’s about realising your health is just as important as the health of those you love and that you should be dedicating time during your day to looking after your body. Putting “me time” on the back burner can be part of the reason you feel stressed, run down and overwhelmed. If you’re looking to become healthier both physically and mentally, then here are some self-care tips you should definitely take on board. Have some me time If you’re used to putting others first it can be hard to prioritise time for yourself without feeling guilty about it. However it’s so important to look after yourself and have a break so you can feel calmer and refreshed. Spend an evening by yourself doing something you enjoy whether that’s watching your favourite tv show, relaxing in the bath with a face mask, meditating or reading a book. Exercise Not only does exercise make you feel better by releasing endorphins it also makes you look better! Try and find something you enjoy like dancing or yoga and incorporate it into your weekly routine. You can easily […]

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