Words With Silent Letters. Why?

It just hit me like a ton of bricks falling on my foot…..why the fuck do we need words with silent letters in our language? Did some dictionary employee wake up and decide the letter “T” needed to be added to the word Tsunami? 

This silent letter shit is the epitome of waste. I believe a Pentagon worker came up with this silent letter stuff…..cause anybody who waste/spends $737 on a toilet seat is gotta be responsible for wasting letters in words. Right?

I purposely made this list of silent letter words too small to be read, cause lets face it, knowing a silent letter word is just as stupid as using a silent letter word, so don’t puzzle your brain with this crap.

Have a nice Tuesday.



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  1. Actually, the ” t ” in tsunami is not really silent. the letter t is pronounced , but people can hardly hear it. * I know the correct way of pronouncing tsunami , and I assure you the “t” is there. ^__^


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