May IS Mental Health Awareness Month


Since 1949, Mental Health America and our affiliates across the country have led the observance of May is Mental Health Month by reaching millions of people through the media, local events, and scr…

Source: Mental Health Awareness Month


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  1. Great Post to share, J.B.!💜 I have battled mental illness my whole life and think it’s great they have this awareness for it. I wish their was more funding and other awareness but that’s another issue with our government and different topic. Thanks for sharing this with us!😀💟💯


    • It’s a pure joy to see you here in WordPress. I am glad you are blogging, and commenting…that means a lot to many bloggers and readers. Happy Mother’s Day, Sorella. 😉🥂☕🤗🎶😎🎵🌻🌼🌾🌹💐🌷😘😍


      • That would be awesome!😀 I don’t know if he can help himself. He just fucks everything and everyone up. Just a huge fucking tornado of stupidity and bigotry in the whitehouse. Ugh. Sorry for that mini rant. I obviously feel strongly about his actions and him just all around. He is a toupee tyrant…😒


      • I do not usually give advice. Your blog and your Twitter account is YOURS. Now twitter has some fucked up Terms Of Service rules (TOS) on Twitter are designed for racist, pedophiles, abusers and child traffickers, not you and I. I have been suspended for 6 days on Twitter with one day to go, because I called Kanye west a house coon, in response to him telling TMZ in an interview that “slaves choose to be slaves.” This ignorant house nigger is trumps new bestie and said that dumbfuck shit to please trump. Your blog is Y.O.U.R.S. to do with as you please and say what the muthafuck you desire. Those who don’t like what you post…. F.U.C.K. ‘EM.

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      • I agree with you, J.B.! What the fuck ever happened to free speech and those racists and misogynist assholes are allowed to go around saying whatever the fuck they want but someone speaks their mind about someone’s disgusting character then we are considered Spam and other shit. I can’t believe Kanye West said that. Holy shit, that’s beyond fucked up. OMG! 😲 That makes me livid. Slavery was horrible and just like other forms of violence and racial discrimination standards, people had no choice but to do what they needed to do to survive. It’s not like they could go get hired down the street at a different job!!! Wtf! No, they had to have ownership papers on their freaking person and he has the nerve to say they have a choice. I hate that shit more than anything. Ugh! The horror stories and what people want through. I mean the oppression and everything they still face today because white freaking facists in the Whitehouse allow this shit to go on in their country because he’s one of the worst!😒 What a piece of literal crap, the both of them!


      • Such an amazing quote. I have a bunch of respect for you. It’s not only infuriating that this happens, it’s devastatingly heartbreaking. Their HATE is a choice… On a different note, I hope that you are having a great weekend.💙💟💯


      • I have seen your body and speaking as a Man, NOT a Brother, you dot yo shit going on and you need to act like yo ass is hot, cause it is Hawt. You got that whole bad girl don;t give a fuck thing going on on the outside but beneath that hardcore exterior is the kindness and warmth and love of a caring mom.

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      • Awww that really is so sweet!💜💜💜 I have always been told I am a firecracker with Heart of Gold. Trust and believe I have hustled and have been part of things when I was younger that would shock most!😨 But I am doing my best to live an honest life for my kids.


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