Get To Know ME….My Way.

This just in from ROE, better known as Revenge Of Eve…..


Get 2 Know

Who does the cleaning in your home?

What pets do you have?

When did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend?

Where do you live?

How did you decide on your career?

Why do you blog?

To Participate:

  • Create a post answering the above questions
  • Title your post G2K
  • Create a pingback, linked to this post
  • Use the hashtag #g2k in your post settings
  • Use the image as your header image

Now Me being ME, I didn’t do this as Ms. Eve asked but then who on earth expects Me to do anything as asked???

Who does the cleaning in your home? The only human being whom could clean My home like I want it cleaned….ME. I vacuum daily cause I hate dust and pet dander. I am the Felix you used to watch on “The Odd CoupleTV show. I AM a clean freak.

What pets do you have? I have several fish in 3 tanks throughout my home. I have a glorious German Shepard named “Lucy” short for Lucifer. She is called Lucifer when she is good. Called Lucy when she is not good. She KNOWS the difference in her names.

When did you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Sophomore year of high school. I started dating my home room teacher. Now before you go all moral-ass on me, in the 70’s, it was a badge of honor to date an older woman. My home room teacher, Ms. Silverman, was fuickin HOT. AND she was only 23…back then there was an influx of young, just graduating teaching college, teachers. I was so flabergassed when she would smile at me. Now understand I was 6’4″ then and weighed 230 pounds and was playing football, varsity football, so I was a bit large for 16. Anyway, she and I dated until I left for the military at 18. My first real “girlfriend.” Not my first experience with a female.

NO. Thats NOT Ms. Silverman.

Where do you live? I live on the Mediterranean Sea, west coast of Sicily in a place named Marsala. So named because the grapes here make the best Marsala wines. The views from my dining room and bedroom….respectively…

This is the home I was born in and lived in until I was 3, at which time we moved to Chicago and I spent 14 years in Chicago, growing up and learning life before the us military. I moved back home in October of 2016, before the trumpdumbfuckery made history.

How did you decide on your career? I didn’t decide. My Grandmother decided that Saturday morning she had this idea to teach me to bake/make biscuits. My Grandmother would make/bake biscuits and cornbread every Saturday morning, our bread for the week. I was always there at her elbow watching her instead of watching the old B&W reruns of Laurel & Hardy, Sherlock Holmes, Charlie Chan….which always played on the kitchen TV every Saturday morning. One Saturday, she taught me to bake biscuits, then later cornbread. Then stuffed bell peppers. Next Bacon wrapped meatloaf. And so on.

Why do you blog? Cause I’m the best type of blogger I know. By “best type” of blogger I know, I mean I blog a different way, and I am excellent at that way. I don’t blog about your typical topics, I don’t do things in the “usual” blogger way of blogging. I am what I term a support blogger/blog. I reblog, share, promote what other bloggers publish on their blogs. 

Now that usually means any “artist” that has a blog that I know about, I reblog/share their postings. I call myself the clearing house blog for artist or all things artistic. Painters, sculptors, authors, writers, singers, dancers, poets, sketchers, drawers, crafters, graphic artists, designers of all types, photographers and cooks/chefs/recipe bloggers. Any & all artistic humans.

I still do all that artistic support stuff and the occasional post I write, sometimes about me, like this post I’m doing now, or about politics or social issues but no where near as frequent as I did from 2011 to 2015. In 2015 I changed the focus and direction of my blog as well as a blog name change from The ObamaCrat to The Militant Negro. 

This is an example of a post I put together myself that is not about artistic efforts of other…..

Kanye Says….Slavery Is/Was A “Choice.”

My blog postings that are actually written BY Me…….

Thanks once again to ROE: Revenge of Eve….. at her blog…..

Revenge Of Eve….. Stop by and peruse her blog offerings.


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  1. Always entertaining and interesting to learn more about you Mr. MN. 🙂 Seems you got out of dodge just in time. And hey, those views are exquisite, where else would you want to be. 🙂


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