Center of my Life

Overflowing Ink

(1st Verse)
Sipping on a drink of courage,
Drifting away from the conversation.
I can feel the fire, this aching desire,
Never wanting to get rid of this sensation.
I want to walk right on up to you,
Kiss those million dollar lips.
I want to open up my heart,
Tell you nothing is better than this.

I don’t need alcohol to tell you how I feel.
I don’t need a drug to know this is real.
I don’t need to be high to know that this right,
I don’t need anything to know, you are the center of my life.

(2nd Verse)
Drunk on your wildfire eyes,
Falling in the depths of hunger.
I can feel your hands, making me feel like a man,
Loving you doesn’t make me wonder.
I want to walk right on up to you,
Wrap my arms around your loving skin.
I want…

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