I Challenge You To… “Sunshine.”

Don’t you worry, I am NOT making this challenge shit a habit…..

I Challenge You To…

This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:


Last week’s challenge was to write about chips/crisps. You sent in some really funny pieces. Here are a few:

Here’s Keith Channing‘s brilliant limerick:

As soon as it passes my lips
The best food descends to my hips
Fried fish done in batter
Will soon make me fatter
So for now, it’s Goodby Mr Chips.

Steph Richmond has written something we can all relate to:

The WeightWatchers Conundrum.
It looked at me, tempting me. I could almost hear it saying, ‘Go on, I won’t hurt you… come just a little closer.’ I was torn. Should I give in to temptation? My mind was saying, ‘No’, my heart saying, ‘Yes’. I am learning to follow my heart in most things.
I reach out to accept my fate, my mouth waters. My mind tries to rebel but instinct has taken over. I look towards my tormentor. Fresh bread and butter with cheese and onion crisps.
A simple pleasure but that’s what life is made up of, although, tomorrow the scales will tell the real price of my temptation.

Here’s what EDC Writing had to say:

Been staring at your comment box; the words, I think, are like lettuce – limp. Best chip away and crisp them up but sad to say so far no luck!

And an amusing limerick from Kevin:

I know a young lady called Chips
Who seductively jiggles her hips.
She works in a gentleman’s club
And serves all kinds of grub
But being a lady, she never strips …

Bumba‘s is short and sweet:

Chips and crisps
I like them crunchy
I think I’ll have a bag for lunchy.

Now on to this current challenge………. Sunshine……

I nic named her sunshine because every time I’d see her, I would smile, feel free and know I was in for a special day. Kinda like you feel when the sun hits your face on a cool summer day.

Sunshine on my face was how she made me feel. Every time. So why not call her sunshine. She had a way of walking into a room, her rear end switching from side to side. My eyes eagerly following her movements, wishing she would notice me and come over and kiss me.

She was my first infatuation. My first love, actually. I’d lie in bed and think of her. Wishing she was able to be with me, lay besides me…imagining ways to sneak her in my bedroom with my parents none the wiser.

Do NOT judge me people.

She was magnificent.

I mean…how could a boy of 8 years old not love her…..

Wait…..you nasty, dirty minded adults thought I was talking about a woman????????? 



Much thanks to Ms. Esther Chilton for her challenge. Visit her bog at estherchiltonblog for some great talent in writing.

Thank you again Ms. Esther Chilton……I’ve never seen a woman named “Esther” look so damn gorgeous either.


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