Haibun: Flame Skimmer

Charmed Chaos


I am in my garden watering wildflower seeds- they are getting their second set of leaves
which is a good sign. My garden teems with life- a kaleidoscope of tiny lilac butterflies
have been here a few days. Hummingbirds buzz past me in their haste to slurp on the
nectar in the feeders. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a shimmer. I have a visitor I have
not seen before- a Flame Skimmer dragonfly. He is fat and healthy, with big eyes that
follow me everywhere I move. I take a couple of photos with my phone, and he seems to
be enjoying my attention. He flies around, circling me and lands back on the bamboo
pole. This is an omen. I am in awe of this magnificent creature.
My skin breaks out in goosebumps, and time pauses.
Closing my eyes, I meditate.

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