Dahling, I am not a Bitch!

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Dahling, I am not a Bitch! In fact, I am the exact opposite of what a bitch is. Truth to be told, no matter how bad or trying a situation is, it still can never steal the light from me and render me insensitive.

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In times of crisis, I’ll willingly wear the hat of your ‘true friend indeed’ without flinching. When you are upset and badly need a good cathartic cry, I’ll happily offer you my shoulder to lean on. I’m going to sit beside you for hours without complaint when you feel the urge to vent out your frustration over life’s unfairness and people’s unjust behaviour towards you. I will comfort you when you rant non-stop about your relationship issues. I will keep your secrets safe inside me and would never use them against you. I will encourage you in your endeavours and will always be…

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