caucasians Are Worried.

Why are you caucasians worried about becoming a minority?


Could it be because you treated People Of Color like feces for centuries and now fear that importing Africans to the colonies was a big fuckin mistake because those Africans are now 80% of the population in most large metropolitan locations? Yo punk asses scared now?

Just wait.


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  1. I truly don’t understand why we can’t all get along. When it comes down to it, we love, give birth, bleed and die the same way. We should try loving one another for a change, shake things up a little. {{hugs}}


    • Asking someone who is a victim of racism and oppression to get along with the people who oppress them and use racism on and against them is as stupid, to me, as asking a rape victim to kiss and make up, and get along, with her rapist. I do hope that analogy answers your question as to why “we can’t just get along.” If YOU were sexually assaulted/raped, Ms. Jacquie, would you like being told to just get along with your rapists?


      • No, but I hope I’d have the sense not to tar every man with the same brush. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how hatred can ever solve anything. And I don’t think that’s a stupid way to live, so much as it’s wishing for a safe future for our children. Is that wrong?


      • It’s wrong, from a Negro perspective, to expect me to love, forgive or just get along with a racist like the dumbass in the video i uploaded to my post. It ain’t gonna ever happen. I never paint all caucasians with the same brush, as I don’t want to be confused as every other Negro. We are all different based on our life experiences. I will never get along with a caucasian who thinks he/she is superior to me based on my skin tone. There are good and bad in every race, religion, culture, gender and location on this planet. The trick is to judge each human on what that human stands for….and thats what I do daily.

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  2. As I have walked and driven about this fair world, I recall not once having been accosted, roughed up or threatened by any person of colour-save one mentally-ill Korean man who threw a rock at my ankle, in 1990. My travels have taken me through many places that some regard as “dangerous”. I respectfully disagree with their assessment. If other Caucasians worry about becoming a “minority”, within this ONE human race, let them do the hard work of having and raising more children. Otherwise, as the saying goes, STFU.


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