How to Read More Books

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In 2017, over a period of 12 months, I read approximately 20 books. This represents a standard average for me for most of my adult life of about two books per month. In the first four months of 2018, I read 57 books, which is more than twice as many as last year in a third of the time. (Take that, people who say I suck at math!)

So what changed?

Did I quit my day job?

NO. I still pound away on my keyboard all day writing and editing medical material while talking into my Madonna concert circa 1995 headset.

Did my kid go off to college?

NO. She may be 12 going on 30, but at least I have 5ish more years until I have to deal with dorms and hot plates.

Did I cut back on my writing?

NO. In the last few months I’ve finished/polished 3…

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