BLOGGERS: Enable The Damn WordPress Reblog Button. NOW.

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I am soooooo glad you took the time to explain this to the thousands of “bloggers” who have no clue what the reblog button actually is or what it does or how it works or why it’s even provided by WORSTPRESS.

I’ve been blogging at WORSTPRESS since 2011. The first and only fight I’ve had with another blogger happened in 2012 over me reblogging her content. She was a “veteran” blogger who had no clue what a reblog button was….. I WILL BE REBLOGGIN THIS POST. 😅🤣😂😱🤔😨🌹

Alexis Chateau PR

We spend a lot of time snooping around WordPress, and one of the most disappointing moments is when we find an amazing post we’d love to share, but the re-blog button has been disabled.

To be fair, there are a number of reasons bloggers disable the re-blog button, and it is your right to decide how your content is used and shared. Even so, we find that often the re-blog button is disabled due to a misconception that the button will lead to plagiarism.

What the button actually does is place a preview of your article on someone else’s blog, with a direct link to the original ie your own. In doing so, it actually reduces the likelihood of plagiarism.

So, here are three reasons you really should consider enabling that re-blog button on your WordPress site.

1. Exposure

Like any other social media share button, the re-blog button helps to…

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