The House on the Side of the Road (part 3) ~ #TuesdayTales #shortstory

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Each Tuesday (unless i forget), I will be sharing a short story, over several parts.  When one ends, I will begin another the following week.  I hope you enjoy!   🙂

Part One

Part Two

Beyond the door, I could hear his sinister laugh echoing in the hallways. Trying to compose myself, and refocus on what it was I was seeing, I found myself stepping backward, away from what I could only assume was a dead body. And a fresh one, at that. Who had met their untimely fate? I continued to search the room, hoping to find some sort of light source I could use. Making my way across the room, I tripped on something. Petrified it could be another body, I froze in place. Looking down, I heaved a sigh of relief when I realized it was a rolled up rug. There was nothing human about it.

I continued…

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