Bavarian Cream Dreams ~ #MayWriting #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Powdery sugared doughnuts
As far as the eye could see
I looked for one that I wanted
But I couldn’t find it, dear me!

There were apples, and jellies oozing
Out of the plump little pastry puffs
Below them was strawberry, lemon too
But that still just wasn’t enough!

There is only one kind I simply must have
It’s all my mind will ever dream
So I asked, and the lady promptly told me
Sorry, we don’t make Bavarian Cream!

My taste buds fell flat on the floor
And my eyes glazed over, too
They didn’t have my favorite treat
I’d have to try something new

No, I wasn’t going to give in
I picked up a doughnut and threw
Which started a major food fight
Leaving everyone covered in goo

The moral of this little story
Is never upset a lady’s desire
Make sure you have what she wants…

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