Mental illness and the dreaded job interview

Mental Health @ Home

woman preparing for a job interview

Job interviews are unpleasant at the best of times, and to me have always felt very fake.  But throw mental illness into the mix, and they can be a huge obstacle.  There are a number of aspects of job interviews that particularly worry me.

Answering unexpected questions

My cognitive symptoms of depression aren’t as bad now as they have been, but my brain is still pretty slow to react to anything unexpected.  Even in low-pressure situations I may be asked a question and I just can’t generate an answer.  I may make light of it and brush it off as oh, brain fart, I lost my train of thought.  In a high-pressure interview, my mind would go blank, and that would make me anxious, which would further ensure that my mind would stay blank, and I would be left staring stupidly at the interviewer.

Having to identify positive examples


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