Expediency Foreign Policy

David Palethorpe

There is something fundamentally callous cruel and simply awe inspiringly hypocritical to listen to Theresa May and Boris Johnstone insisting when asked about the crisis in the Yemen that it is in the “national interest” to maintain good relations with Saudi Arabia and sell them armaments despite their record on human rights.

Every year we see the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary flew into Riyadh for talks with Saudi leaders to boost trade and security ties.

Whose security are we talking about?

Certainly not the Yemen –

So whose?




Isn’t it ironic that Mrs May is keen to explain her Governments actions away by hiding behind a doctrine and foreign policy of everything that is only done is in Britain’s national interest.

Especially when she is so keen to also have a foreign policy which includes leaving the European Union on the pretext that it is the…

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