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The header vanishes and the menu stays and never leaves my sight.

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Writer and author Debby Kaye has recently informed me that she is having problems reading my blog. Both the header and menu on my blog were sticking when she was scrolling through a post, meaning that she only had a four to five inch space on her screen in which to read a blog post. Debby informed me that it’s something she’s encountered on a number of other blogs, too.

After various discussions and emails with the WordPress Happiness engineers, they asked me to add some coding to the CSS feed on my blog. I duly did this and waited while Debby tested everything out. Unfortunately, although the header of my blog was no longer sticking when scrolling, the menu still was! I went back to WordPress, who added some more coding to the CSS box, and was asked to try again.

Unfortunately, no luck! Debby told me that the…

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