A complete sentence about “Leadership “


We all want to be leader. We all can be according our place , skill, knowledge, atmosphere. We need to pick up our target confidently and pursue on the way without doubting. At home or outside home we are leaders to ourselves first. What we want.. what we should do.. what quality we have.. what we love to do — are some points we are pursuing everyday . Now in a bigger way a complete leadership is package of qualities below:

Leadership is all about-


●Motivating mass

●Morally highly marked


●Excellent in communication

●Decision maker

●Takes responsibility about conflict, solutions by action and thought.

●Practical Knowledge and skill



●Goodness in personality.

A leader born. Each one we have such quality. When we lead our personal life in sense of good ,bad ,success or loss -and reaching to a comfortable target, our leaderships are being used by…

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